EI Paso Advantages

Why host your tournament in El Paso? For a number of terrific reasons! From sunny skies to unsurpassed value, El Paso as a destination makes good sense to tournament directors, site selection committee members and sporting participants alike!

  1. Unique Region

    El Paso is located at the keystone of Texas, New Mexico and the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. With our sister city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, just across the border, our area makes up the world’s largest international metroplex. Our culture is a blend of cowboys, conquistadors and Native Americans. You will find enchiladas and hamburgers, two-stepping and hip-hopping, as well as Spanish, English, and our own special mezcla (mixture) of the two, commonly known as Spanglish.

    El Paso is rated as the second safest large city in the United States according to Morgan Quitno Press. People are friendly in the Sun City and never hesitate to welcome visitors, offer directions or suggest some great Mexican dishes! El Paso is easy to navigate and local area attractions are easy to find. Besides, where else can you enjoy a two nation/three state vacation?
  2. Unparalleled Value

    El Paso prides itself on being a place where it doesn’t cost a small fortune to enjoy a big vacation. Because we offer such affordable accommodations, meals and transportation, El Paso is a sports tourism destination your whole family can come along and enjoy. Our hotels are first-rate, inexpensive establishments. You will recognize a wide variety of chain companies and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy some unique, local hotels and bed and breakfasts as well as popular RV parks.

    El Paso is known worldwide as the Mexican Food Capital of the World and we have the restaurants to prove it. For not much dinero (money), you can enjoy a taco plate with all the fixings, extra-large burritos, the juiciest steaks in Texas, and a wide variety of other ethnic gastronomical delights.

    Our gasoline prices are some of the lowest in the United States, and if you need a rental car, we have many friendly car rental companies that will help get you into an affordable, comfortable vehicle during your stay.
  3. Unrivaled Climate

    Yes, it’s true: El Paso has over 310 sunny days per year. We’re not bragging, but sunny days are part of our way of life and yet are never taken for granted. El Pasoans enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sports including skiing and golfing. Where else can you ski atop a 11,500 foot peak one day and golf on a sunny green course the next? Within two hours of El Paso, we have some of the best skiing in the west in the beautiful Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico. As well, El Paso is home to an abundance of outstanding public and private golf courses, just ask El Pasoans Lee Treviño and Rich Beem. Golfing is a year-round pursuit in El Paso and skiing is enjoyed up to six months out of each year. So bring your clubs and skis.
  4. We have moderate temperatures and the sun is rarely scorching. Humidity is very low in El Paso, so you will hear locals talk about the “dry heat” which allows us to spend much time outdoors taking part in sporting activities. Rain is rare in these desert parts, but after a good storm, the desert celebrates by presenting her prettiest plants and flowers in magnificent greens, yellows and reds to complement the clear blue sky.
  5. And certainly don’t leave El Paso without experiencing one of our dramatic sunsets!

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